Silver beet and kumara curry (vegan/gf) serves 4 as banquet

Silver beet and kumara curry

Silver beet also known as Swiss chard can be found many kiwi vege garden in abundance . So this recipe is a great way to use it in bulk. Silver beet is an awesome source of many beneficial nutrients such as vitamin A, Folate ,vitamin K and contains a significant amount potassium .

Gabi Lind



4 cloves of garlic- roughly chopped

1 thumb size piece of ginger- peeled and grated

1 green chilli- roughly chopped

2Tbsp water


1/4c oil

2 onions – finely sliced

2 tsp cumin seeds

1 Tbsp garam masala

1/4tsp chilli powder-mild

800grms silverbeet – stalks removed and roughly chopped

1/3 c coriander- roughly chopped


300grm orange kumara-cut into 3cm squares and roasted till just tender


Put all ingredients for the paste into small bowl food processor and whizz to paste, set aside.

Heat oil over medium heat add onion and cook till lightly brown. Add cumin seeds increase heat to high and cook for 1 minute,stirring continuously. Lower heat again and add paste,cook till fragrant,stir in garam masala and chilli then silverbeet.

Mix together,stirring gently till silverbeet is just wilted, add coriander then blend to a thick purée .Return to pan, check seasoning then stir in the kumara, gently heating so as to not break up the kumara.

This is a great recipe with steamed rice. But if you want to build a special family meal with it, adding your favourite meat based curry plus a couple extra sides then you have an amazing banquet style meal.

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