Courgette and Almond Cake DF

Courgette Almond Cake

At this time of year the garden is going crazy with courgette and after you have eaten your fill and your friends have stopped calling around because you keep trying to give them your bounty, you are really trying to find ways to use up this delicious vegetable.
This is similar to carrot cake so will keep moist and tasty for days, that’s if you don’t eat it on the first day.
Gabi Lind


185ml canola oil

220grm caster sugar

3 eggs

1tsp vanilla paste

60grm almond meal

2c grated courgettes

1tsp cardamom

1tsp mixed spice

1/2tsp baking soda

1 1/2 c self raising flour

1/2c whole meal flour

Cream cheese icing

250grm cream cheese- softened

1c icing sugar

100ml lemon juice


Preheat oven to 175’C. Grease and line a springform tin.
In a cake mixer beat oil,eggs and sugar till thick and creamy-about 5mins. Stir in almond,spices and grated courgettes then fold in the flours and baking soda. Pour into tin and bake for 60mins,or till a skewer comes out clean. Stand to cool in tin for 10mins then turn out to cool completely.
While cake is cooling make the icing by placing the cream cheese and icing sugar into a cake mixer and slowly beat till combined then add lemon juice and beat till light and fluffy. Place into fridge till cake cold then ice the cake.

Enjoy from the kitchen garden.

For me carrot cake has always carried very fond memories because my mum would make it for me every birthday even when I went away for school. So I didn’t see why courgettes couldn’t do the same thing.

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