Green Goddess Buddha Bowl

Gluten-free Vegan Dairy-free Serves 1

This recipe isn’t so much a recipe as a collection of my favourite things to mix together and eat all tied together with a zesty, flavourful dressing. A bowl full of textures, flavours and its healthy to boot.

Gabi Lind


When I make this ,I take 1 thing from each category and then drizzle it with a tasty dressing so just take what you like and assemble anyway you please.


*Steamed chicken breast

*Grilled salmon.

*Vegan halloumi

*Mixed nuts-almonds/hazelnuts.


*Boiled Eggs


*Cannellini Beans with fresh herbs

*Buckwheat tossed in soya sauce

*Fresh corn salsa

*Miso Roasted Kumara/Pumpkin


*Curried Chickpeas

Fresh Vegetables

*Finely sliced carrot/beetroot

*Shredded Cabbage

*Finely sliced Radises

*Mixed micro herbs- basil/ radish/rocket

*Cumcumber/Cherry tomatoes

Leafy Greens.

*Fresh Rocket/Spinach.

*Lightly steamed Silverbeet.

*Crispy Kale Chips.

*Lightly cooked Broccoli.

*Gently cooked courgettes.

Green Goddess Dressing

1 avocado

1/2 C of each-flat leaf parsley /basil/coriander/dill/mint

juice/ zest of 1 lemon

2 cloves garlic-crushed


1/4c olive oil


Place everything into a food processor and blend till smooth. If you find it is too thick just use water to thin it but don’t add too much because you water down the flavour. Check the seasoning and adjust if needed. Will keep in the fridge for 5 days but over time it will discolour, if you find that it’s doing that just give a stir before using,if doesn’t affect the flavour.

This is a go to recipe for me when I need a pick me up or I’ve had abit of a hard week. You can change what you put into it depending on what you have on hand but sometimes going the extra mile just makes it that much more exciting.
Enjoy from the Kitchen Garden.

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