Roast peach, crispy bacon & Haloumi salad with raspberry dressing GF DF

serves 4 as side or 2 as light lunch

I love this time of year, the weather is changing, the garden is giving us different things but as the leaves change colour I’m not quite ready to start eating heavier meals. Our queen peach tree is always the last summer tree to give us its bounty so this salad makes the most of this delicious plump fruit.

Roast peach, crispy bacon and haloumi


3 peaches-halved

Olive oil


4 rasher bacon-cooked till crispy

3 slices haloumi-cooked

1/4C your favourite nuts/seeds-I’ve used pumpkin/sunflower

2 large handful of your favourite lettuce mix-I used red/green cos leaves


1/2C fresh or frozen raspberries

2Tbsp apple cider vinegar

2Tbsp olive oil

1Tbsp liquid honey

1Tbsp Dijon Mustard



Preheat oven to 180’C, arrange peaches in oven proof dish, drizzle with oil and seasoning with salt/pepper. Bake for 8 mins or till just tender. Set aside to cool.
Dressing- place raspberries in bowl and with the back of a spoon mash up, add in mustard, honey and vinegar, mix then slowly drizzle in oil. Check seasoning and adjust if needed.
To assemble- Scatter the lettuce over a large platter, arrange remaining ingredients over the top and then drizzle over the dressing.

Queen peaches are the classic peach to use when preserving them whole because they keep their shape so well and that is why they work so well in this recipe.
I do try to bottle as many as I can but I just love their firm texture so much that only half manage to get into jars.

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