Smoky Roasted Cauliflower Fritters

Serves 4. Gluten-free Vegetarian

Cauliflower lends itself to so many things, from cauliflower rice to a beautiful roasted cauliflower dip with curry flavours. My mum use to put it into pakora because it doesn’t really a huge flavour on its own but adding spice it acts like a sponge and sucks up all that spice.
That’s way these fritters work


1/2 cauliflower-cut into chunks

1 onion-roughly chopped

4 garlic cloves


Olive oil

2Tbsp ground cumin

2Tbsp ground coriander

2Tbsp smoked paprika

1/2 bunch soft herbs- parsley, coriander, chives or mint

3 eggs

1/2C chickpea flour

1/2C rice flour

1 1/2tsp baking powder

zest of a lemon


Preheat oven to 200’C, toss the cauliflower with the oil with onion and season with salt/pepper. Roast for 35-45mins or till the edges are nice and brown and crispy.
In the last 10mins adding the garlic and all the spices, place back into the oven and finish off.
Pull out of the oven and cool for 10mins, place in a food blender and pulse till everything is chopped up.
Before adding the eggs check seasoning, adding more salt/pepper if need be, if there isn’t a distinct spice flavour add more if needed but be aware of over powering the cauliflower flavour.
Mix the eggs then fold in the rest of the ingredients. Leave to sit for 5-8mins.
Heat a good amount of oil in a high sided pan, to check if the oil is heated enough place a small of mix into pan and if it sizzles its ready, if not give it a couple more minutes.
Cook in small amounts so the oil doesn’t cool too much(if this happens the fritter acts like a sponge and soaks up too much oil) cook on one side for 3mins then gently turn over and cook for another 2mins.
Place into oven while you are cooking the rest, gently season with salt/pepper.
Serve with fresh green salad, mint flavoured yoghurt or hummus.

This makes a awesome lunch with friends or as a easy Sunday night dinner. If you are feeding kids cut out the spices and add a touch of cheese and just parsley and they wouldn’t even notice it’s all vegetables.

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