The idea for The Kitchen Garden was seeded in 2019, when Gabi was diagnosed with Coeliac’s Disease. 

As a chef with 25 years experience she had all the knowledge she needed to create delicious food that nourished her body… but she was eating like a chef, that is to say, cramming toast in her mouth standing at the bench or just not eating at all. 

That wasn’t going to fly anymore, she needed to fall in love with food again.  The food that gives her the energy to keep up with their five dogs and hit the hills with her Dad… as well as the food that doesn’t make the world go round, but makes the ride worthwhile.

The Kitchen Garden started life as a market stall stocked with fruits, vegetables and goodies from Gabi’s garden and kitchen. 

And has grown to be a way to help you fall in love with food again in whatever way works best for you, cooking classes, family dinner and fill the tins food deliveries, private chef services.

We hope you enjoy exploring our website, and from the team at The Kitchen Garden, we’d love to help you fall in love with food again too!

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